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Hat Creek Retreat - Pet Friendly

Hat Creek - Pet Friendly

We have three dogs and a bird in our family so we welcome our guest with four legged friends. We ask that you follow a few guide lines to help minimize the impact pets can have on our home.

  • If you have a pet who likes to lounge on the couch and beds, that is OK by us. We ask you please cover our furniture with a pet sheet before allowing them to get comfortable. You'll find them in the hall closet.
  • We ask that your pets not be left in the house unattended. If you need to leave your pet behind while you are out and about, please leave them in the back yard or the garage. You can also leave the garage door that leads into the back yard open so they use both spaces.
  • There are water bowls and food bowls in the laundry room, under the sink. Please use them if you like.
  • If you forgot food, you'll find some in the cupboard over the refrigerator, please help yourself.
  • There are pooch cookies in a jar over the kitchen sink, please help yourself.
  • Please feel free to put a bowl of water in back yard if you like.
  • While the back yard has deer fencing all the way around, you should know our miniature schnauzer is not allowed in the back without being on a long leash. She likes to dig and has managed to find her way out. Please be careful with your little dogs that they don't get out. You are welcome to use the leashes we have hanging on the plum tree!
    • Likewise, the pool has a fence, but small dogs can get through. Please watch that your pup does not make it into the pool area without your supervision.
  • There are ticks in the area so please check your pets regularly.
  • It is also a good idea to make sure the gates on either side of the house are closed before you let your pets out in the back yard.

We hope all the members of your family enjoy their stay here at Hat Creek Retreat. If there is anything else we can do please let us know!

Katie , Amy and Kealani welcome you!
Kula says "Squak"!