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Hat Creek Retreat - Fishing - Fall River

Hat Creek Fishing
The wonderful fishing info below is from the guys at Confluence Outfitters

Fall River

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The Fall River is one of the finest spring creeks in the West. It shares many of the traits that make the Henry┬┤s Fork, Hat Creek, and Silver Creek famous: predictable hatches, crystal clear water, steady flows and water temperature, sight fishingFishing - Fall River opportunities, and large trout that feed on small bugs. However, the access to Fall River is very restricted. It is only fished fr om boats, specifically flat-bottomed prams fitted with electric motors and/or small gas engines. Fishing from the boat allows anglers to make deadly downstream drifts to visibly feeding fish.

Fall River fishes very well throughout the trout season. The size 14-16 PMD is the mainstay during spring and summer. These bugs hatch between 10am and 2pm and bring many large fish to the surface. Hexagenia Limbata mayflies hatch in June and July, providing a chance to catch a 20+" trout during the last few minutes of daylight. Summer brings excellent fishing, although the weather is frequently uncomfortably hot. Damselflies, water boatmen, leeches, PMDs, and evening caddis hatches provide excellent opportunities to hook into an 18+" rainbow during the summer months. Fall brings excellent dry fly fishing.

Gear Recommendations for Fall River

Rods, Reels & Lines:
Four, five, and six-weight nine-foot rods are ideal on Fall River. We typically have two rods rigged at all times, one with a floating line and another with a sinking line. Four- and five-weights are perfect for dry fly fishing. Five weights are ideal for nymphing. Five- and six-weight rods are great for sinking lines. We use clear intermediate sinking lines (also called sly lines) and full-sink fly lines on Fall River on a daily basis.

Leaders, Tippet & Indicators:
We frequently use 6X and 7X tippet on Fall River. Come prepared with 9' 6X leaders for dry fly fishing and 7.5' 5X leaders for nymphing. We prefer "Corkie" indicators in the 1/2inch size for Fall River. We use split shot in sizes 6, 4, and 1 on Fall River.

Waders & Boots:
All fishing on Fall River is done from boats. Waders and boots are not necessary. Sometimes we bring waders if it looks like rain is possible.

Hatches & Seasons
Fall River is open from the last Saturday in April through November 15. Some of the most popular hatches include the PMD, Hex, and Callibaetis.
Fishing - Fall River - Hatches & Seasons



  • Mercer's Micro Mayfly, all colors, size 14-18
  • Hogan's S&M Nymph, Olive, 16
  • HBI, 16-18
  • Pheasant Tail, curved shank, 16-20
  • Pheasant Tail, straight shank, 16-20
  • Zug Bug, 16-18


  • Parachute Adams, 14-18
  • PMD parachute, 14-20
  • PMD spinner, olive, 16-18
  • Quigley Cripple, olive, 16-18
  • Comparadun, olive, 16-18

Hex Dries:

  • Water's Foam Hex, 6
  • Quigley's Hex Paradrake, 6
  • Nealley's Hex Adult, 6
  • Umpqua Hex Crippler, 6


  • GB Hale Bopp Leech, all colors, 8
  • Glass Bead Gee Leeches, dark colors, 8
  • Rickard's Seal Buggers, all colors, 8