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Hat Creek Retreat

Hat Creek Retreat is a lovely home is owned by Ann James and her 12 year old son Jack!

We welcome you!!

Located in Cassel, California, right on Hat Creek forebay, we newly remodeled our lovely mountain home which sleeps up to six. HCR offers you the best of both worlds, it is a beautiful mountain retreat where you can relax on the back deck and enjoy the back yard in the shadow of Burney Mountain! You can take a relaxing dip in the pool or walk out the back gate to fish on Cassel Forebay. This mountain home is inviting, warm and fully stocked for your comfort!
Hat Creek Retreat is located in the picturesque Inter-Mountain area in the north-eastern tip of Shasta County. Cassel sits at 3200 feet so it has the allure of all the seasons: sun in the summer and snow in the winter. Whether you have a passion to fish your heart out, enjoy the sights and sounds of the mountains, or just spend a peaceful afternoon lounging on the deck, you have found the right home to create vacation memories for you and your family.

We have outfitted our home with all the comforts you might need coupled with a warm inviting atmosphere to embrace the entire family!

Our recent remodel makes this house a mountain showcase you won't want to miss.

About Us!

My 12 year old son Jack and I are so very excited to have this property. It was a family get away and when my husband decided to leave the family we were worried we could not keep the house...but we did and we could not be more thrilled! Ann and Jack

We are both authors. We have written our books and a New York publisher picked our books up this summer. They should be out in the Fall of 2011. My title is How to Raise a Millionaire and Jack's is How to Let your Parents Raise a Millionaire.

We are excited about our books. How to Raise a Millionaire is the ultimate parent's guide to increasing confidence and growing bully-proof self esteem in any kid. My book provides simple everyday tips and a unique action plan to teach my six millionaire skills you need to teach your kids so they can imagine and live the life of their dreams!!

Jack's book is the kid's companion piece to my book and is written from one kid to another. His book helps kids see the benefits of starting their own business!

We are looking forward to a wild fall with the launch of our book and will look forward to taking some relaxing time at Cassel this winter!

Why we chose Cassel

My ex-husband and I originally bought this home just before Jack was born. We actually did the final walk through about 3 weeks before he was born! The first moment we saw it, we knew we had to have it. It was a Hat Creek Retreatplace to get away and fish, but we quickly fell in love with the area. The people, the weather, the surroundings, the activities, it is just the whole package!

When we came to a fork in the road a year and a half ago, it was Jack who insisted that I not sell the house. This brought me to the decision to buy out my ex-husband and keep the house for Jack and me. We rent it out as a vacation home so others could enjoy it just like us! Renting our home to others has allowed us to keep our home – something that is important to both Jack and me!

To be honest, I was worried at first; I was not sure if the house would hold too many memories of our life with Jack's dad. I wondered if I was doing the right thing, but the first time we were there after the divorce, we look at each other squealed and jumped for joy. After a huge hug we both said, "I am so glad we didn't sell this house." We love our mountain paradise. It grounds us, reminds us of the beauty God has created and refreshes our souls!

We hope it does the same for you and yours!

The Unique Benefits of this House

Cassel is a small lazy mountain town. It offers the ease of country living with some of the best outdoor Hat Creek Retreatactivities around. But more than the fishing, hiking and mountain air it offers peace; our home sits in the shadow of Burney Mountain so whether you are in the living room, the kitchen, the dining room, the master bedroom or relaxing on the back porch, you are surrounded by the magnificent view of one of nature's creations. The peace and calm this home offers to its guests invites you to relax and revive.